About Guangzhou Institute of Technology

  Guangzhou Institute of Technology (hereinafter referred to as GIT) was established in 1964 with the approval of Guangdong Provincial People’s Government after registering in the Ministry of Education.
GIT boasts complete teaching equipments and infrastructures including laboratories of Computer Network, Electrics and Electronics, Refrigeration, Auto Repair, Language and Art Design, workshops of garment, numerical control, mechanics, auto test and repair and electricians operating room. The teaching staff of GIT has high professional skills and ethics based on rich working experience, and they are working with clear teaching objectives under the management of competitive mechanism. 
GIT is mainly involved in vocational education and running education for adults, secondary-specialized diploma education, secondary-specialized vocational education and technical training. It has 8 faculties and teaching divisions including Mechanical and Electronic Engineering Department, Information Engineering Department, Management Engineering Department, Finance Department, Applied Foreign Language Department, School of Art and Design, Petrochemical Engineering Department and System Engineering Department. Guangzhou Federation of Trade Unions Vocational School, Guangzhou Federation of Trade Unions Foreign Language Vocational School and Conghua Technician School which altogether have enrolled 6,179 students are under the management of GIT. There are 6,945 full-time students and 2,261 on-job students. In terms of employment rate of graduates, GIT ranked high among the colleges and universities of Guangdong Province. In 2010, 99.65 percent of GIT graduates found their jobs.
Following the principle of cultivating excellent graduates, teaching in GIT focuses on improvement of students’ morality, basic skills, cultivation of art, specialized courses, career training, practical training, scholarship and grants, and course review for entering a higher school. GIT has been exploring her way of cultivating graduates best catering to the need of society in the most appropriate manner.

GIT Development Co.,Ltd
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